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At Experiences Oregon Coast we pride ourselves on helping you express yourself at our events. We take great pride in bringing people together for lifetime experiences. Every event is tailored to meet your needs. Our staff is courteous and ready to help your event be a memorable one.

We specialize in special request cuisine for special private events. We offer top chefs and exquisite locations. We can provide memorable entertainment for any engagement. Contact us today to host your own event or to attend a invitation only event.

Are you an artist? or content creator. Come work with the SWS Family and express yourself with like minded individuals. Attend Studio sessions or game nights to hone in your art for the world to see.

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  • Access to Canna Events
  • Access to the Cannabus
    • Hop on our local Cannabus and take a break. Enjoy your Cannabis in a Safe environment. We have the devices you need to safely consume. Be sure to book a seat on the sunset sesh Today! 
  • Access to Sorry We’re Stoned Gaming
    • A gaming studio for stoners to meet and team up conquering some of the hottest games with 4 seats in shop, We stream Every Wednesday and Thursday Night bring your friends!
    • Participate in our tourney and win prizes 
  • Access to Green Screen Studio
    • Have a green screen project you want to record we can make it happen.
    • Work on the project yourself or book our Help at SWS studios. 
  • Access to Audio Studio
    • Come record and create in our studio.
    • Access to Full suite Fruity Loops and Serato loop.
    • Do it yourself or book SWS studios to assist with your project 
    • Attend Studio seshs
  • Access to Weekly Content Creation Sessions
    • Attend our creative session during live streams become part of the show.
    • Learn how to create with our team 
  • Ability to book private sessions
    • Book our DJ Services, Video Production Service or our Audio Production Services for your project. 
  • Ability to join us during our Live Streaming Sessions
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