A thanksful time of year. 

As the holidays gear up the stress builds up. Its a tuff time of year for so many. Making plans to visit family, scheduling work hours and getting everything done in time can take the joy out of the holiday. And even the day its self is filled with atrocities of a nations past can really put a damper on the holiday season. Maybe its time to take a moment and be thankful to the folks in our lives. Including the ones not immediately part of them. Taking the time to tell the shop keep thank you could be that moment that brings a joyous day to thier holiday. So during this season of thanks take the moment to let everyone know you are thankful.  

Give the gift of experience 

As the holidays approach ideas for gifts start swirling around. Stores are starting to stock shelves and list are beginning to build. You probably feel anxious about what to get your loved ones and friends. 

This year try something different. Give a experience. A tour or trip to a exotic place. shareing in experiences with friends is the gift that becomes memorable. You can even get creative and give them a picture frame to keep the best picture of the event. 

Put some heart into your gift giving this year. 

Hosting a great dinner party 

We all find ourselves in moments when we are to host a dinner party for guest. With some proper planning you can keep your guest off thier phones and engaged in your dinner party.  And just maybe get some help cleaning up. Here are some tips.

Have activities 

Make sure to have a activity set up before and after the dinner. Music playing as the guest arrive always sets a good tone. A board game after desert can keep the party entertained well into the night. 

Discussion topics

The night before take a moment to jot down some discussion topics to talk about over dinner. Avoid things like politics and religon. As they can bring down the mood of a party. If a guest continues to discuss such topics show value in thier opinion and change the subject back to lighter matters. A dinner party is meant to be fun. A political debate is best to be left for after dessert when everyone is full and happy! 

Have multiple coarses.

Having a few appitizers before the party is a great idea. Have them prepared before guest arrive. Have the appitizers cleaned up and removed a half hour before your dinner. This gives your guest time to get hungry and they know the food is on the way. Wait until everyone has finished dinner to server dessert. Keep everyone at the dinner and engaged in conversation and good times.

Get friends to help

Invite a friend or two with the understanding that they will help throught the night. Have them help great guest and cook. Then have them help with clean up. 

Be Thankful

Thank your guest as they leave. Have a Thank you card as they depart your dinner party. It will go a long way. Put together a little gift for your helpers also this will show everyone you appreciate them and insure they will attend your next dinner party. 

A big party needs big help

Dont be afraid to hire a good company to help host your party. can help you host your next dinner party for any size or any group. 

Here is a article with some topics for dinner parties.

Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis can be a delicate process. THC dissolves into most fats and oils. Thats why most edibles are made with butter. Cannabis can be infused into many Olive oils, Coconut Oils, and Milk fats to make a array of cannabis edibles for any occasion. In recent years RSO has become the new additive to any Canna Dish. Either way you enjoy your cannabis slow and easy is the way to go.